2019 Has a New Definition for “Success”

2019 Has a New Definition for “Success”

What does it mean to succeed? Technically, it is about wealth, favor or eminence, or so says Merriam-Webster. Maybe it is time to turn the meaning of success on its head? This year is a chance to think outside of the box about what it means to be living your best life, starting with this brand-new idea about what it means to thrive.

Daily Growth Is the Goal

It’s easy to look around at the people in our lives who seem to have it all together and use them as the benchmark for what it means to succeed. Time to cut that out! It’s called personal growth for a reason. Everyone is on their own journey.

Instead of comparing progress to others, aim to grow into the best possible version of yourself. Celebrate small changes like better grades, learning to ask for help, or finding a job you love. Every time you become an improved version of yourself is cause for a pat on the back.

Be Good to Others

Success achieved at the expense of others isn’t worth it. There’s been a shift in attitude among younger generations, with millennials being willing to earn less if it means their employer aligns with their values. Don’t give up on the chance to do something that matters. Dream big about work that’s good for others and chase after it.

Be Gentle With Yourself

What’s the good of reaching a goal if it requires sacrificing your mental health? Be gracious, accepting mistakes as a chance to learn something new and try again. Leave space for rest and fun. Now’s the time to enjoy life and care for your body, not when you reach some milestone or accomplishment.

How do you define success? Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to determine what it means to succeed. If the typical definition doesn’t work for you, throw it to the side and create your own rules.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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