5 Cheap Ways to Make Your Home More Glamorous

One reason we work so hard every day is to shape a home environment to be proud of, starting with creating a space that’s inviting and glamorous. Having a home designer on speed dial would be the perfect solution. But let’s face it, that option can be expensive.

You can get a similar look for pennies on the dollar. Check out these cheap solutions to make your home feel glamorous. 

Hit the Dollar Tree

Some people think Dollar Tree is full of cheap junk, but that’s not always the case. DT has a lot of seasonal items that can glam up your space, starting with your fall holiday table. Purchase solid porcelain plates with fall leaves or turkeys on them. High-end retailers sell the same style plates for over $20 apiece. 

Create a stunning centerpiece using faux flower bouquets, candles and mercury-glass lighted luminaries. Highlight the table through the holidays with self-flickering battery-operated lights and candles. 

DT also has a large selection of wire ribbons. Go outside and gather grapevine or fallen birch branches. Bundle with buffalo-check ribbon and add clear lights to make the perfect corner centerpiece year-round. Achieve a Pottery Barn look for just a few bucks! 

Thrift Fabulously

With thrifting, you never know what you’re going to find, but you can discover some real treasures with a bit of luck and patience. Here are just a few examples of how you can turn one person’s rejected furniture into a true treasure:

  • Chipped vanity table and seat for $10. Clean, sand, and apply paint to all wooden areas. Then, add new posh fabric to the seat to finish the look. Finishing nails work well for this purpose, but a good, strong hot glue can be just as effective.
  • Outdated table and chairs for $20. Sand and apply white chalk paint to tables and chairs to instantly modernize them. Don’t sweat the scuffs, either — they add to the charm. These farmhouse table sets often sell for $800 online.
  • Vintage typewriter for $5. Take an adorable typewriter that no longer works and transform it into an eclectic decor piece. Spray paint it the color of your choice , and apply a little sparkle. Add a flower garland from Dollar Tree and stack some vintage books next to it to complete the look. 

Thinking outside of the box can turn a dark, dank item into a glamorous piece of art!

Scour Estate Sales and Antique Malls

Want to glam up your bar area for a big party? Sure, you could go to the nearest party supply store and pick up some pricey plastic decor — or you could make a day of it and trek over to the roadside antique mall. 

Look for cool items to make the bar area pop:

  • Authentic vintage beer glasses
  • Vintage and old games
  • Restaurant signs
  • Metal serving trays

Spice it up Gatsby style using old champagne glasses, art deco pieces and 20s memorabilia. Add lots of glass coasters and candles for ambiance. 

Dumpster Diving

This cheap decorating hack is not for the faint of heart. It’s also smart to check local by-laws before you “dive” in — some regions disallow the practice. But have you ever glanced in the dumpster behind a big home decor retailer? They often throw away discontinued, returned, or imperfect items. If you don’t mind giving something a little TLC, you can bring unwanted items back to life. 

If you happen to be there at the right time, you might snag some stunning decor for free. Anything from candles, wall art, furniture, tablecloths, and rugs are waiting to be saved from the landfill. 

Go Straight to the Back of the Stores

Not all clearance racks are easily visible. Some retailers place discontinued or blemished items near the back of the store or on the end caps of aisles, and you can find a lot of glamorous decorative items on clearance or marked down. Taking a second look at an item and being able to breathe new life into it allows you to pull a look together for cheap. 

Using your imagination to transform your space is a great way to wow guests who walk through the door. A little paint, flickering glass accents, and striking floral arrangements are a good starting point for warming up your home — anything that makes your space pop and stand out generates a glamorous style. Go ahead, leave a little sparkle throughout your home.