Cancer Horoscope

Dec 7, 2022… I’M NOT YELLING. I’M JUST EXCITED. Cancer, you might struggle using your inside voice as intense communication reigns supreme today. Be emotionally intelligent. Be unstoppable. Do work to channel the incredible energy into constructive talks, brainstorming, and impressive teamwork. Don’t make some random passerby’s ears bleed with a monologue about how you lost your first tooth, though — because with a vibe like this, it can be hard to stop. Now, go stun the world, Crabby!

Though they may never tell you, someone out there admires and reveres you. Perhaps it’s because of the confidence in your walk, the way you love unconditionally, your impressive leadership, your magical, inspiring laugh, or something else entirely. There are things about you that have others looking to you as their role model. Keep being authentically you. After all, you never know who’s watching.