Gemini Horoscope

Jun 5, 2023… If you feel like good fortune shines right down on you, maybe you are right. Look at you, all shiny! More likely, you’ll be feeling the energy today. That lucky feeling can get you far when you combine it with your innate analytical skills while being sensitive to the energy around you. This Monday could be crazy productive for you if you focus on making intentional choices. How you do what you do might be as important as what you do, and if you take care with how you act, you just might land in a streak of luck after all. I’d say Good Luck, Gem, but I don’t think you’ll need it today. Off you pop!

Today’s Good Vibe: They say that the truth can set you free. In fact, honesty is a key to enlightenment and higher thinking. However, harsh truths and brutal honesty can be turned into weapons rather than keys. They can be used as blades that bring pain to others. Let us all be mindful of this and practice kind truths, good truths, enlightening truths. We can share our honesty without brutality.