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5 Small Habits That Instantly Make You More Productive

Do you find yourself dragging throughout the day? Your self-discipline, routines, and habits all play a part in how productive you end up being as you tackle your work. Here are 5 small habits that will instantly help you to get things done more efficiently and effectively. 1. Have a Routine It can be tricky […]

The 10-Step Path to a Better Burger

Nothing screams summertime like a good burger. Actually, any time of the year is the best time. While there are many ways to make one, firing up the grill offers a tantalizing option — but how you prepare the patty itself is just as important as how you cook it.  Serious Eats has the scoop […]

8 Cheap Ways to Skyrocket Your Home’s Value

The real estate market has seen its ups and downs as values have peaked, then dipped, and peaked again. The market may be ever-changing, but one truth remains the same: Buyers want the most house for the least amount of money, while sellers want to make sure they get top dollar for their homes.  Sellers, […]

America’s 15 Strangest ‘Hidden Gems’

Sightseeing in America wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some of the zany and downright unusual “hidden gems” in this country. These aren’t your typical tourist destinations. In fact, most of them aren’t what we’d call “normal” at all! 1. The World’s Largest Chocolate Waterfall Do I really need to say more, or are you already […]

Kids Simply CAN’T Master This One Skill

Have the kids all day every day for the summer? Chances are, it takes a little work to keep them busy and occupied. If you’ve noticed younger children often really fidget a ton, or just plain seem to move around a great deal, you aren’t alone. Parents in a recent — and very adorable — […]

10 Strange Degrees You Never Knew Existed

When people enroll in college, most people sign up for programs that focus on practical vocations such as business, marketing, engineering, or psychology. Are there any more exciting degrees, ones that offer paths to careers that aren’t your average 9-to-5? If you’re looking for an unconventional education, check out these 10 strange degree choices that […]

You won’t believe what kind of things you can get a scholarship for!

There are tons of wild scholarships out there. Here are just a few of the more unusual ones you can enter if you need help paying for college. No need to look a gift horse in the mouth; maybe you can turn your love for crosswords or duct tape into cash for a degree. Pumpkin […]

Save Money on Food in College With These 5 Hacks

Food can be pricey, and when your budget is consumed by a cost as large as college tuition, it can be difficult to balance both budgets. There are plenty of ways to cut corners when you plan your weekly meals that will help you stay fed while protecting your wallet. Here are 5 easy hacks […]

This is What Alcohol REALLY Does to Your Body

It takes time, experience, and sometimes a few mishaps to figure out how your body responds to drinking alcohol. But do you know what happens on a physiological level? Alcohol consumption can wreak havoc on your sleep and memory retention. There are also more ideal times in the day for drinking that allow your body […]

Vacations for Solitude

Have you dreamed of escaping life and enjoying doing things on your own? Or maybe you need some space to relax and think. Planning a vacation for solitude can be in a mountain retreat, a private beach, on a ranch, in a treehouse, and more. You may also just love vacationing solo. Mountain Retreat 1. […]