Scorpio Horoscope

Jun 15, 2021… High expectations could leave Scorpios feeling let down at first today. If you end up being a little too hard on yourself, you’re not alone. Scorpios tend to hold themselves to a pretty lofty standard that’s really tough to live up to every day. The truth is that if you put yourself on a pedestal, you’re bound to fall off. If you hit the bottom today, be gentle with yourself, as you probably try to do the best you can. A little forgiveness can help you get right back up and try again — a little wiser and more joyful.

Today’s Soul Advice: When you learn to love yourself, you learn that you are worth being loved. Getting to that point may not be easy, but it will be liberating. Work on being kind, supportive, and optimistic on behalf of yourself. You can learn to love yourself and accept the love of others. Your amazing soul deserves it.