Scorpio Horoscope

Feb 29, 2024… It could be hard for Scorpio to hold back today. Overhearing a problem or conversation may have you feeling the desire to offer some loving advice. Even with the very best of intentions, not everyone will appreciate unsolicited advice unless they’re ready for it. Use your pragmatic Scorpio brain to calculate the risks and figure out when the time is right to offer your wisdom. Your insight can be very helpful and it can warm your heart to watch things fall into place.

Today’s Inspiration: Shed your old skin. The old one has served you well, but it may also have begun to weigh you down. A new you has formed beneath its surface, and it’s waiting to break through. Discard what you’ve outgrown. Liberate yourself of what you no longer need. Redefine your world. It’s time to be you.