Taurus Horoscope

Jun 7, 2023… Start your engines! You know, eventually. Take your time, Taurus. This Wednesday will likely have a slow start as the vibe rolls in with a heavy sense that you need to triple check all you do. While covering your bases can be important, giving into the vibes could drive you crazy. Have some faith in yourself. The energies will pick up with surprises on the tides of the later, so it’ll be important to have your wits about you. Steady as it goes, Bull.

Today’s Good Vibe: They say that the truth can set you free. In fact, honesty is a key to enlightenment and higher thinking. However, harsh truths and brutal honesty can be turned into weapons rather than keys. They can be used as blades that bring pain to others. Let us all be mindful of this and practice kind truths, good truths, enlightening truths. We can share our honesty without brutality.