These Organization Hacks Will Help You Keep Your Home Spotless

Legendary home organizer Marie Kondo has a famous quote that gives her followers guidance for every organizational decision: 

“The aim of storage is to give every item a home – a designated spot for it to rest and recharge when not in use.”

Finding the perfect spot for every item in your home can be difficult and time-consuming, but the payoff is worth it. It’s easier for your house to stay clean when you’re extra intentional about where all of your belongings go throughout the day.

Here’s how you follow through with this expert storage advice so that you can keep your home looking spotless all day long.


Baskets are a perfect way to give yourself easy-access storage. Since they’re pleasing to the eye, they can be left out in the open to collect your everyday items. Placing an object in a basket instantly makes the room look more put together, even if they’re imperfectly placed inside.

Depending on your aesthetic, you can find a basket style that best suits the rest of your home decor. Find something woven for a boho look that feels neutral and down to earth. If you’re looking for a more modern style, search for a metal-gridded basket with a sleek, lightweight design.

Storage Bins

You don’t always need instant access to your belongings, and that’s where storage bins come into play. For long-term storage, such as holiday decorations or craft supplies, you can find larger bins that can be kept in a garage or basement.

Labels are very important if you’re wanting to depend on storage bins to help you keep order within your home. You can tape an index card to a large bin with a list of the items you want to put inside. That way, when you need to find what you’re looking for, you won’t have to open every hard-to-reach bin in order to figure out where you put your belongings. 

Acrylic Containers

The most convenient part about acrylic containers is that they are clear enough to see through. It gives you an easy visual of all of the items you have so that you don’t miss a thing. More shallow containers are also available to place in drawers and separate otherwise tangled items. 

Acrylic containers are essential for rooms with cupboards and cabinets. For example, you can put them under your bathroom sink for hygiene items such as makeup or hair products. You can also use them inside your fridge to separate different types of foods and drinks, making snacks easy to see and preventing you from accidentally letting forgotten food expire.