This 10-Minute Ritual Is the Perfect Self-Care Routine

This 10-Minute Ritual Is the Perfect Self-Care Routine

( – Question: Who has time for self-care? Answer: Everyone! 

Our busy lives may not seem to have room enough for a daily self-care ritual beyond jumping in and out of the shower, but that’s what makes this routine so perfect. If we can free up 10 minutes in our day, we have plenty of time to practice this one powerful form of personal care.

With 10 minutes free, it’s time to enjoy the impressive self-care benefits of taking a walk. While walking may not seem all that impressive, it has both physical and mental health advantages, especially when we do it daily. Here are just a few of the benefits of walking.

A Natural Boost in Mood

Researchers have discovered that being outside in nature has a positive effect on mood. Taking 10 minutes for a walk outdoors can help us get Vitamin D from the sun, a breath of fresh air and a greater sense of well-being. For city dwellers, taking those 10 minutes in a nearby park can provide the benefits of being around nature.

Lower Health Risks

Walking every day can also help lower our risk of chronic disease. Scientists have found that it reduces cardiovascular issues, helps prevent diabetes and can even lower our blood pressure. This short self-care routine can have a major impact on our overall health.

Inspire Creativity

Walking could make us feel more creative. Research shows that going for a walk can stimulate creativity. This could help us feel more motivated and productive on days we’re feeling uninspired or burned out.

Improve Digestion

Add “a healthy gut” to the many benefits of going for a walk. Going for a walk after a meal can improve digestion. The added exercise can also help keep bowel movements regular.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

This added perk may be one of our first thoughts when it comes to walking. We may already realize that it helps burn calories, but it can even reduce belly fat. Taking daily walks can help us maintain or even lose weight.

Sleep Better

Taking that time for a short walk can have a surprising impact on our sleep. Scientists have found that being more sedentary is actually linked to sleep issues while regularly walking can improve sleep. A 10-minute walk may seem inconsequential, but regularly walking could have us snoozing as soon as the lights are out.

Live Longer

The biggest self-care benefit of all might just be that it could help us live longer. A study on older adults found that those who left their homes for walks regularly had longer lifespans. Walking daily could help us enjoy longer (and healthier) lives. Taking those 10 minutes to walk may be sounding pretty good right now!

Finding 10 minutes in our hectic lives may seem challenging, but there are numerous rewards for penciling in a little self-care. We could see an improvement in our health, our mood and even our sleep. In fact, with all these benefits, walking may be the perfect self-care ritual.

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