Top-Rated Apps For Successful Job Searching

Successful job searching

Successful job searching is a frustrating task. Waiting to hear back from employers while trying to find a job that best suits you takes a lot of patience. 

Technology has also made job searching easier, more efficient, and more accessible online. There are a variety of apps and websites that make job searching a piece of cake.

Check out these top-rated apps for successful job searching, and start your job hunt today!


ZipRecruiter has been and is used by thousands of employers every day, posting needed job positions with direct links to the applications. You start by uploading your resume to your general profile. Then you’ll notified when an employer looks at it through an application you submitted. 

The app tracks your job searches, and will notify you of any similar or related job postings added each day! This platform has been downloaded over 5 million times. Because of its’ popularity, ZipRecruiter one of many top-rated apps for successful job searching.


Like ZipRecruitor, Indeed allows employers to post job listings for free. That way, you have millions of job options to choose from! One unique feature of this app includes the ability to upload your resume in only one click.

Indeed also allows you to filter through listings. You can search by job title, salary, location, and company. Indeed also allows you to read through company reviews written by past or current employees before applying for a position. You’ll have insight from real-life workers to find out whether a listing would be a good fit. 


Careerbuilder is another great option for job searching. This app doesn’t require you to create an account in order to apply for a job. You can either become a user or continue as a guest when applying for job listings. 

You can create a resume using the app or upload a previously made one. This gives employers direct access to yours after completing an application for them.


Glassdoor is known for its accessibility to employee reviews.  This allows you to read feedback from current and previous employees, giving you insight on the workings of the job, the company environment, and its management. 

This app also has the ability to notify users when a new listing is posted that meets their job requirements and search criteria. This app has been downloaded over 10 million times, making it a very commonly used search engine for jobs!


This is a great app to use if you’re looking for an hourly job! Snagajob is similar to the previously listed apps, but has an additional search feature. This feature allows users to use a map search function to find job listings in your local area. 

Snagajob also sends potential job opportunities straight to your email inbox, keeping you updated with any new listings. This app is a great option if you’re seeking a jobs in retail, customer service, administration, or food service.

Job Search Apps

All of these apps are great search engines for jobs, and each have different unique features depending on what you’re looking for! None of these apps have a user fee or any hidden charges. Hopefully they make finding your next job much quicker and easier!