Try These Life-Changing Smartphone Hacks

Smartphone hacks

We seem to do everything with our cell phones. However, this high level of usage can lead to some extra troubles. There are some clever smartphone hacks that can save you tons of time and trouble!

No matter what you use your phone for, these tips are guaranteed to make your life easier. Try out these smartphone hacks the next time you’re in a pickle…

Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is traditionally for you to turn on when you board a flight. This way, your phone doesn’t interfere with the signals that the planes use to communicate. But did you know it does more than that?

For example, if your phone is struggling to get a signal in a new area, airplane mode can help. Turn airplane mode on and off. Then your phone will find the nearest cell tower to get you the best service in your area.

Another handy hack is for if you sent a text that you didn’t mean to send, turn on airplane mode. If you sent a risky or embarrassing text, turn on airplane mode ASAP to stop it from going through.

Taking your phone off of the internet can also cut out the majority of those annoying ads from game apps. And if that doesn’t do the trick, you can clear your cache to get rid of those sponsored ads completely.

Plus, airplane mode lets you charge your phone up to 4x as fast as normal! Next time you’re in a rush with a low battery, put on airplane mode when you you plug in your phone.

Take Photos and Scan 

Some other great smartphone hacks have to do with the camera on your phone. There are so many things you can do with this to save time and energy. 

One of the more simple ways is to use it as a reminder in a sense. Take inventory of your food by taking a picture of your fridge before you leave for the grocery store.

Or you can even scan documents in your notes app with many phones. This can come in handy quite often. Make a folder dedicated to important documents and scan them all in the same place!

The newer phones even have text recognition. This means when you take a photo, you can now easily copy and paste the words from the picture. 

Also, don’t forget about the visual look-up feature on your phone! If you need something quickly, type in the best descriptive word and if your phone recognizes it, it’ll pop up.

Data Saving Hacks

Data gets expensive. If you have a limited data plan, you’re probably looking for ways you can keep those costs down. Or even if you have unlimited data, you’re probably looking for ways to keep all that radiation down.

One huge way to keep that data down is by downloading certain maps. This way you can still use your maps without using as much data.

You can also turn on Wi-Fi calling which will prioritize finding Wi-Fi while you call rather than data. This will help a ton in the long run…especially when you see your next data bill.

You can even reset your cellular usage back to zero. This might be the best thing you can do before traveling. Then you’ll be able to see if you’ve been charged any unfair costs while you roam.

Now it’s your turn!

There are plenty of known smartphone hacks, but now it’s your turn to create some! How do you use your phone to make your life a little easier?