Virgo Horoscope

Jul 3, 2022…. Trying to think through chaos could be driving you bananas, clever Virgin. With today’s energy, you’ll likely be leaning toward a clean sweep of your space. Think organization and throwing out junk. Bring in a potted plant, update your vision board, or do whatever it takes to make your outer space match the keen organization of your inner one. Doing so could help you find a new approach to a challenge that’s been weighing on you. Out with the old and in with the new, even if all that means is clearing some clutter so you can think straight and reunite with your brilliant thoughts. Have at it, V!

Today’s Good Vibe: Sometimes we stick with something that isn’t working because we can’t bear the thought of having wasted our time and energy for nothing. It is okay to not want to give up. But when you take your best shot at something, it’s never a waste nor a defeat. It takes bad experiences to really appreciate the good ones. So, next time something isn’t working out, try saying to yourself, “I must have needed that!” and give yourself permission to move on. You can use what you learned to grow and nail it next time.