4 Worthwhile Trade Degrees That Will Get You Hired Instantly

Upgrades in technology might make for bigger business, but it can also put workers out of jobs as human labor becomes displaced. When you’re trying to find your career path, it’s important to find something that has a high employment rate and a vast range of job opportunities.

Here are 4 highly practical trade degrees that allow you to find a job quickly without having to pay an arm and a leg for higher education. 

1. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a great career path for anyone who wants to be self-employed and work remotely. You get to artistically capture the essence of brands, influencers, musical artists, and companies through your design work.

Some lifestyles thrive on the flexibility graphic design offers, and the ability to work from any location with wifi allows for a lot more job opportunities. Investing in a graphic design degree will be a worthwhile financial decision considering how many different projects you can work on at the same time. 

2. Plumbing

No matter where you live, everyone always ends up needing a local plumber. Their understanding of piping structures is a skill necessary for the maintenance of any residential, commercial, or industrial structure. 

Plumbers also make bank, considering how short their training is, compared to other trade jobs. They can go to a plumbing trade school with programs as short as 12 weeks before entering the job field. 

3. Electrical Technology

Electricians have an 8% projected growth rate in their career field from 2019-2029, which is considered a fairly high percentage. Job duties include installing wiring, repairing faulty wiring systems, and troubleshooting electrical malfunctions.

Trade school for electrical technology is also a significantly shorter education than the typical 4-year Bachelor’s or 2-year Associate’s degree. You can be ready for the career field in a year or less, depending on the program you choose. 

4. Civil Engineering

Have you ever driven on a poorly planned road that causes an immense amount of traffic? As a civil engineer, you could be the one who creates more efficient and effective pathways for people to get where they need to go.

You can get a civil engineering degree at your local community college, which on average, only has an annual tuition cost of $3,440. Going to trade school for this career field can help you save money on higher education so that you can make more money starting out.