5 Careers That Any Animal Lover Would Enjoy

Life is too short not to work at a job that brings you joy. If you love being with animals, why not find a career that allows you to do that 24/7?

If you’re an animal fanatic, here are 5 career paths that would allow you to spend more time with your favorite critters. From studying them in the wild to nurturing them as they grow, the options and opportunities are endless!

1. Zookeeper

Zookeepers help provide a bridge between the animal kingdom and domesticated society. They provide a safe, sanitary environment for the animals to reside while educating visitors on the animals they care for. 

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s in Life Sciences

Annual Pay: $19,773 a year

2. Animal Trainer

Entertainment that involves animals requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work to keep everyone safe. Animal trainers are a crucial part of the process, providing communication tools between caretakers and the wildlife so that they can perform a coordinated action.

Education Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

Annual Pay: $30,430 a year

3. Vet Tech

Veterinary technicians help to care for the medical needs of animals, assisting veterinarians in their procedures and research. They can find work in zoos, labs, animal hospitals, and animal shelters, so there’s a wide variety of specimens to work with. 

Education Requirements: Associate’s in Animal Science

Annual Pay: $36,260 a year

4. Animal Nutritionist

People hire nutritionists to keep a balanced diet and maintain their health. In the same way, animals removed from their natural habitat also need a nutritionist to provide the right balance of foods that mimic their original diet. 

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s in Animal Science

Annual Pay: $74,579 a year

5. Wildlife Biologist

We are always learning more about the animal kingdom, and observing wildlife helps to inform how we can responsibly interact with nature. Wildlife biologists are key players in both animal conservation and research.

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s in Wildlife Biology

Annual Pay: $50,186 a year