5 Online Training Programs That Will Help You Get Ahead At Work

online training programs

If you want to develop yourself in your field, many online training programs can teach you new skills. Some courses are available for free, while others have a fee. Industry experts recommend these five online training programs as equally beneficial for different types of professionals, including web designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and startup founders. Online training platforms that are industry-specific provide aspiring professionals with the skills they need to break into a new field or enhance their understanding of a specific niche.

1. Google Online Marketing Challenge

The Google Online Marketing Challenge is a workshop-style program initiated by the search engine giant to offer training for professionals interested in learning about internet marketing and its relation to other aspects of business, such as branding and advertising. In 2011, there were over 15,000 students who enrolled in this online course just for a chance to attend a three-day workshop held by Google’s instructors.

2. Northwestern University’s Professional Certificate in Project Management

The Professional Certificate in Project Management is an online program offered by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. The course is available for free, and it covers topics such as project scope, cost, and risk. Participants can learn more about project planning, tools, and techniques to watch out for during the process. Additionally, managers can get training on handling employees who don’t meet project deadlines or spend less money than originally planned for a particular task.

3. Coursera’s Online Marketing Fundamentals

Coursera offers courses from various colleges and universities that the general public can take. They have courses focusing on account planning, customer insights, data analysis, and consumer behavior. In addition to those skills critical for becoming a marketing manager, Coursera also provides courses on making more effective presentations and influencing audiences to take action.

4. The Online Advertising course from Northwestern University

Northwestern University also offers this course on Coursera. The program covers the field of digital marketing focusing on ads served online. The instructor, Peter Fader, offers industry insights while teaching students how to market different types of products using visual storytelling and social media. Additionally, students can learn about targeting particular audiences and being more effective by utilizing specific platforms.

5. Digital Marketing Training from Google’s Partners

Google offers many free training sessions for professionals who want to create successful online marketing campaigns. They have courses on display and search advertising, analytics, video ads, mobile ads, branding, and an AdWords certification course. In addition, their partners also offer courses for marketers that help them learn how to use Google Analytics, Adwords, and Adsense products.

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