5 Unique (and Cheap) Flooring Ideas

5 Unique (and Cheap) Flooring Ideas

When it comes to home remodeling, what type of flooring is being installed plays a vital factor in appearance and function. If you’re on a budget, finding affordable floor options is important when bringing a project together. Here are 5 unique and affordable flooring options to check out!

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Finding a floor that will stand out while still performing its best is something every homeowner wants. Concrete, refurbished hardwood, cork, laminate and bamboo are popular selections for different reasons; they’re durable, long-lasting and add beauty to a home. Narrow down your choices with some of these unique flooring types.

Try These 5 Unique Flooring Options for a Beautiful Home!


Concrete is more than just a dull, gray slab-like material suitable for parking lots. It’s also a great option for use inside homes, especially when paired with special texturing techniques and custom applications.

To make it unique, you’ll need to work with a concrete specialist. By adding pigments, metal powders, and foil, a talented contractor can instantly create a marbled or multi-colored effect that looks much different than plain pavement. You can even add sparkle and stone powders for a one-of-a-kind flooring effect.

Want something more expensive but the budget won’t allow it? Ask a contractor about mock floors made out of concrete. They can stamp and polish the concrete to resemble expensive stone or brick, all for a much lower price.


For stain-resilient heavy duty floors, try laminate. This material is not only durable, but also comes in unique designs and styles that can’t be created in other materials. From vivid patterns to faux hardwood, it’s a great way to get the look you want without investing thousands in hardwood, shale, granite, or stone at the same time.


Many homeowners are looking for a sustainable flooring option. Cork fits that description. Eco-friendly, cushiony and highly resistant to moisture, cork flooring is a favorite among modern homeowners. Cork flooring is pressed and created to look like laminate pieces. It’s durable but also comfortable underfoot. Prices are competitive to other flooring types and cheaper if you install it yourself. It’s a green choice because it’s fire resistant and does not contain toxic materials.


For people looking for a unique, natural flooring option, bamboo is a great choice. It’s technically a member of the grass family, but grows in tall, tree-like shafts that can be manufactured into durable, natural looking flooring planks. Considered a hardwood, it is used in many homes to give a contemporary vibe. It can be just as pricey as hardwood, but choosing mismatched pieces at a discount can give you a significant cost advantage.

Reclaimed Hardwood

For hardwood floor lovers, an alternative to buying new is to find reclaimed wood pieces. Brand-new hardwood installation can be expensive, depending on what you choose, but reclaimed wood is much, much more affordable. When an old home or building is torn down sometimes the wood floors are sold for pennies on the dollar at auction. This is a great way to obtain some gorgeous and unique flooring for your home. If you can install it yourself, you’ll save even more cash!

Finding unique flooring for your home or business takes a little ingenuity and research. Be patient. Look for closeouts and specials to trim costs back even more. Before you know it you’ll have your favorite floors installed to treasure and enjoy for years to come.

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