Cheap Date Night Ideas on a College-Friendly Budget

Cheap date night

College is a unique stage of life. There are so many people to meet, and some stand out a little more from the rest. Because of this, dating has become an integral part of the college experience. Cheap date-night ideas are essential.

For those who appreciate an old-school gesture of chivalry, paying for two people to enjoy a night out comes at a high price tag. Even if you do a 50-50 split, both of you still have to pay for gas, food, drinks, and entertainment. 

Do you have to spend money you don’t have to go on a date? If you’re still in school, here are some cheap date-night ideas perfect for a tight budget.

Creating an Experience

No matter which of these ideas you choose, setting the ambiance is important. Any date will feel magical if you intentionally create a memorable experience. Even mundane activities can become extraordinary when you put a little extra thought and intention behind it.

Enjoy The Outdoors

There’s nothing more beautiful than enjoying nature. Depending on your gas budget, you can find a natural wonder to visit on your date. National preserves, hiking trails, lakes, lookouts- all these things are a total blast to explore and don’t typically charge entrance fees. 

Maybe you still want to be outside, but you’re looking for something a little more lowkey. Local parks are a great place to set up a picnic, savor sweet conversation, and get some fresh air. 

Do a Hobby

Are you both into playing a sport? Find a local park or gym to play your favorite game one-on-one. Do you both have a knack for crafty skills such as painting or drawing? Buy a cheap canvas and a couple of cheap paints from the store. Having a shared hobby is a great way to connect with a date. 

If you want a meaningful time, discover what hobbies you have in common. You’ll likely already have all the necessary materials, so you’ll save extra money. 

Explore The Campus

Have you ever taken the time to wander around campus and explore it in depth? Every student has a favorite spot they like to frequent, whether a lounge or an on-campus coffee shop. If you don’t feel like leaving school for a date, you can have an adventure right where you are!

You can even turn your campus exploration into a scavenger hunt. Watch out for different types of stereotypical students, silly advertisements, or out-of-place items. It doesn’t cost a penny to walk around and see the sights of your school. Plus, it can be a fun time if you’re with the right person!