5 Best Side Gigs for Busy College Students With No Big Commitment

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College is one of the busiest times in a person’s life. Not only that but also a period of time that demands money… and lots of it. There is quite a big issue with this, and if you are a college student, you have probably figured it out: “If I’m so busy, how am I going to get money?” Side gigs could be the solution you need for your college woes.

Normal jobs require a work schedule, which might not be in the cards for your busy lifestyle. 

Luckily, through some trial and error, college students are now finding jobs that work for them where they can make money without a set schedule. These jobs might just be getting them more money than the average part-time job they need for financial security as a student. 

Dog-Sitting / House-Sitting / Childcare

I’m sure that some of these have crossed your mind in your scramble for extra cash while in college, but maybe you didn’t know that there is a way to make these inconsistent jobs a lot more consistent with your schedule. There are companies like Wag! and Rover if you’re a dog person looking for some cash to play with some pups. Plus, signing up for companies like Trusted Housesitters, Caribou, and Care.com can get you dog-sitting, childcare, and house-sitting gigs quickly and easily.

 Freelance Writing

If you need extra cash but don’t want to leave campus, freelance writing might be the perfect position for you. You can find consistent projects with companies like Writers Work with no experience necessary or find individual work with companies similar to Indeed. With the help of these sites, you can start pitching your writing skills as soon as possible for that extra tuition money. Plus, being a professional writer could get you extra brownie points with your English professors. 

Freelance Photography

Another great freelancing gig for those who want a more creative way to make cash is photography. If you are good with a camera and know how to promote your work, this is a job that can get you hundreds in just a few hours a week. You can create a portfolio that captures your artistic style and have a blast making it come to life with your clients. The cool part is you get to have a hobby that makes some dough!

Driver / Food Delivery

This option is definitely a more common one, but it’s for a good reason. When driving with companies like Lyft and Uber, you can make a couple of hundred dollars per week just by driving people where they need to go. 

If you aren’t really a people person, companies like DoorDash or Grubhub might be a more comfortable option for you. These jobs allow you to choose which individual jobs you want to do so that you can pick the orders that make the most money for the shortest distance. Signing up is easy, and you can start right away with most of these companies!

On-Campus Jobs

Lastly, your college may offer loads of on-campus jobs that can help with tuition or make cash on the side of your studies. Some of these jobs include being a resident assistant, teaching assistant, a marketing or social media team position, tutor, or any work-study on campus. There are even some options besides campus jobs, such as paid internships, jobs with online education benefits, and jobs with tuition reimbursement. 

Life as a student can be crazy, so let’s not add a strict job schedule to the chaos. Hopefully, you can find the best side gig so you aren’t scrambling for cash when the tuition bill rolls around next month. 

So, from one broke college student to another, let’s use our time and money wisely so that we can survive another year of college. You got this!

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