How to Deal When Your Job Doesn’t Spark Joy

How to Deal When Your Job Doesn't Spark Joy

Most people dread Mondays, but when you find yourself dreading every day just before you clock in at work, that’s not a good sign. When the thought of seeing your boss or sitting down to do your job drags you down and doesn’t spark any joy, something needs to give. Here are some ways to deal with work life when you don’t want to be there.

Are You Productive at Your Job?

Everyone works for a reason, and the main one is to have a fatter bank account by the end of the month. But if you don’t find joy when arriving to your work area each day, it’s time to re-evaluate. It could be your own productivity or space that’s holding you back from being happy. This includes:

  • An unorganized workspace with extra clutter.
  • Garbage or obstacles getting in the way.
  • A dirty or dangerous workspace.
  • Hot or cold work environment.
  • Needy coworkers asking too much of you.
  • Distractions including noise and interruptions.

Fixing these issues can help make you more productive and less stressed. You may find even the smallest of improvements can bring the joy back into your workday.

Have a Sit Down With Your Boss

Not everyone can afford to quit their job because they’re miserable there. Now may be a good time to bring up your unhappiness and any major concerns to your boss. There’s a possibility that issues can be addressed and resolved.

If you feel you’re still sacrificing your inner peace, even after addressing how you feel to management, it may be a sign to move on.

Change Career Paths

When you’re faced with a dead-end job, it could be time for a new career. If being tied down with late hours and being overworked and underpaid is causing emotional turmoil, look at something else.

Change your career option to something that stimulates you. According to The Pennyhoarder, some of the happiest jobs include marketing specialist and recruiter. Or you may wish to showcase your passion and talent as a pet adoption worker or hairdresser. It comes down to whatever brings you joy.

Focus on Self-Care

Whether you stay with your crappy job or move on to bigger and better things, focus on keeping yourself healthy and happy. Start with self-care. Find time to do things that bring happiness and a sense of calm into your life — anything from alone time with your favorite book to a day out on the lake fishing. You’re in control of doing things that make you happy.

There’s often not a single solution to make things better on the job. If it’s coworkers sucking you dry or a boss that makes life miserable, it’s up to you how much you will tolerate. If you can’t make changes by being proactive, it’s time to find joy at another job.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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