9 Best Careers for Introverts

When a job requirement says outgoing, strong interpersonal skills, communication with clients, these are not careers for introverts. Finding a job as an introvert is now easy with the number of careers in the workforce. Here are your top 6 careers, both inside and outside, if you are introverted.

1. Data Analyst

They collect, process, and analyze statistics to help solve problems and answer questions. They create models of the data and help interpret it. This career can be in the medical field, marketing, business, intelligence, and more. You usually work on your own and behind a computer. Salary ranges from $60-120,000.

2. Web Designer

Not only can this be work from home, but this is also a job that is great for introverts. You can work behind your computer whether for yourself or for a company. You can spend hours working on your own and communicating through email or online. It’s a great career and has lots of job opportunities. Salary ranges from $35-75,000.

3. Accountant

An accountant keeps financial data and interprets financial records. They can be responsible for larger organizations and small businesses. They are said to crunch numbers, which is part of the job, but it’s also great for introverts. Sitting behind a computer analyzing numbers is a top choice for many people. Along with accounting, you can also audit, analyzing financial statements for accuracy, and making sure they follow laws and regulations. The range for this salary is $45-$200,000.

4. Writer

Being an introvert, you may have wonderful skills in writing. Why not use those skills to write for a living. There are many options for introverts, including working for companies, working for yourself, writing books, writing for magazines or online content, writing advertisements, and more. The salary can range from $30-$90,000.

5. Editor

An editor reads content, corrects spelling and grammar, and rewrites text to make it easier for readers to understand. They verify facts and evaluate submissions that come from writers. They typically spend their time behind a computer and online. They also promote articles, coordinate and revise material for publication. The salary can range from $50-$90,000.

6. Travel Photographer or videographer

A Travel photographer usually works freelance and is paid to take pictures or videos of travel-related topics. This can range from locations to animals and more. They typically run their own business, work on their own hours, and travel around the country or the world. Salary ranges from $20-$100,000.

7. Night shift guard

For an introvert, this requires sitting, walking, watching, and being alone. It is a great job for someone who likes their own company while protecting a business. These careers can be part-time or full-time. You will work nights and sleep during the day. Salary ranges from $30-40,000

8. Forestry

Foresters maintain and preserve forests for public and private use. They can protect wilderness, enhance habitats, and manage fires. It’s a great job for an introvert, especially one that enjoys being outside in nature. Most people work in nature parks, campgrounds, and national parks. They can also work for private industries, forestry firms, lumber company’s, and more. Salary ranges from $40-80,000

9. Actuary

An actuary measures and manages risks and uncertainty. They typically work for insurance companies. They provide assessments of financial security systems by analyzing numbers and risk. An actuary works behind a computer and shares the information they analyze with the company they work for. Salary ranges from $50-$100,000.