Easy DIY Home Decor

The right décor can be the difference between having a house and a true home. After all, a beautiful space is often a happy space! High-end furniture and design shops are a good place to start, but they can be pricey. 

There is another option: make your own decor for a far more affordable price tag. Not only will you keep your budget on track, but you’ll also have fun in the process. 

Faux Concrete

Faux Concrete - Klad Surfaces

The industrial-chic look is trending. Create small faux concrete planters for your patio to add curb appeal. Using a mold of any type, simply pour in a Portland cement mixture and allow it to cure. Then, fill with plants and greenery (real or fake). Or, place them indoors for an eye-catching look.  

Faux concrete walls are also a popular choice. Using a little gray and white paint, blend colors together with a lint-free cloth or sponge; the resulting pattern resembles concrete. Buff to a desired finish. Open shelves and drop-down lighting perfect the look.  

Blanket Ladder

Blanket Ladder | Create Space | a DIY studio

Stepping into cozy living rooms at some of the top home and furniture stores, you’ll likely spot some large knit throws and soft blankets draped over the sofas and chairs. They’re brimming with charm and warmth. One way to change them out while still keeping them on display is to use a blanket ladder. 

You can find this item in many furniture stores. But why not make your own using materials around the house? Simply drill pieces of wood together to secure the ladder, add blankets, and hang. 

Another idea? Scour antique shops or your grandpa’s barn for authentic ladders. Paint them your favorite color or leave them natural for a rustic look.  

DIY Paper Easel

Wall-mounted easel | Ana White Woodworking Projects

For kids and adults, being able to write and draw on a large space (that isn’t necessarily the closest wall) can be a helpful creative outlet. Families often use these areas as a zone for decorating and artistic expression, too. One popular DIY hack lets you use a paper easel to achieve this look in just a few minutes. 

First, create your own easel by mounting a curtain rod on the wall. Drape craft paper over it and allow it to unravel slowly. What you do next is really up to you. You might jot down your favorite saying, create a quote using a calligraphy marker, or even let your child craft a painting everyone can truly be proud of. 

Best of all? There’s no washing up. If you want to change the view, just rip off the paper and write or draw something fresh. 

Collage Wall  

Lots of clocks | I enjoyed the one with the multi-coloured b… | Flickr

Have a lot of space to fill up on your wall but lack extra funds? Use what you’ve got to create a collage wall space. Think trash to treasure. See if you have a collection of broken clocks or mismatched dinner plates boxed away in the garage. Pull them out and create a collage design on the wall. 

Standing alone, a clock or empty picture frame looks awful. But group several similar items together, and you can actually create a bold statement. 

Season It Up Yourself

Get Cozy This Fall and Winter with These DIY Decor Craft Ideas

Whether it’s Halloween or Christmas, that’s right around the corner, trying to decorate often becomes just another source of stress on one’s budget. It doesn’t have to be this way. Skip the big-bucks products on seasonal store shelves and make holiday decor yourself right at home. 

A little glue and glitter can help you elevate cheap Dollar Tree Christmas balls to a new level. Toss white paint over a fresh pumpkin for a glammed-up version of the most famous fall squash. Even plain pieces of fabric can be turned into spooky ghosts in seconds with a bit of affordable twine and a Sharpie marker. 

From big projects to small finishing touches, there’s a hack for creating almost every personalized look. Your home doesn’t have to be just like the top design showrooms you see when window shopping. Creating a design statement all your own makes the final payoff that much sweeter!