Best Sites for Finding Quick-Start Freelance Work

Best Sites for Finding Quick-Start Freelance Work

For creative savvy individuals looking to launch a freelance career, getting started can be the biggest obstacle they ever face. The best first step? Getting a polished portfolio in front of potential clients. From there, it becomes much easier to apply for remote jobs. It doesn’t matter what you do or how much skill you have, you, too, can make money working right from the comfort of home. Polish your professionalism and get a foot in the door right away with these hot sites.

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Ready to launch a freelance career? It’s as simple as taking your best work and getting it in front of eager businesses looking for creative and driven individuals. Whether you’re a seasoned technical guru or just starting out with website design, one of these sites might help you get a jumpstart on some freelance work.

Jump-Start Your Freelance Career With These Job Sites.

  1. Fiverr. Take on small tasks such as graphic design, animation, writing, logos and digital marketing. A quick way to do a small task and get paid promptly.
  1. CloudPeeps. Search for remote or local jobs that match your skill set. Easy to navigate and connect with clients and other freelancers.
  2. Indeed. A tried and true search engine that allows you to search for both short and long-term freelance jobs. In addition, see what jobs are available locally and across the U.S.
  1. Servicescape. A place to connect to clients using your expertise. Writing, editing, graphic design and translators are the professionals looking for quick freelance work on this site.
  1. Craigslist. One of the most famous classified sites on the web. Craigslist is still a great source to find some legitimate and fast freelance work.
  1. Freedom With Writing. While they offer payment for e-books, this is a portal to further writing jobs. They will send you a list of publishers looking for freelancers for flat-rate pay.
  1. Blogging Pro. Connects bloggers with clients for various writing projects. Editing and consulting positions are also up for grabs.
  1. Media Bistro. Focusing on not only freelance gigs but also brick and mortar jobs too. Specializing in business, including consulting, project management and web production.
  1. Pub Loft. For the experienced copywriter or content creator, Pub Loft matches writers up with work so no more searching endlessly for new clients.
  1. Skyword. Skyword connects niche writers and storytellers with major company brands looking for fresh content.
  1. Textbroker. A content mill that allows the creative wordsmith to churn out a few words for a few bucks. Good place for entry-level writers to gain experience with web writing.
  1. Writers Domain. Another content mill that boasts a variety of topics for writers to choose from. Create small blog posts for some quick cash.
  1. 99 Designs. Clients find designers by generating contests for them to compete for. For the artist who creates logos, video designs and various web content.
  1. Art Wanted. Display your best artwork on Art Wanted. Create a portfolio of your work where others can rate it and even buy it. A great way to build a clientele too!
  1. Crowdspring. For top designers who can create custom content quickly, Crowdspring is something to check out. Clients are looking for one-of-a-kind logos, website landing pages and product designs.
  1. Working Not Working. A free platform to showcase your best advertising, design and animation skills. Some top-notch clients have worked with this site, so opportunity abounds if you have a stellar portfolio.
  1. Gigster. Be a part of a team of creatives. Utilize your talent in product design, web development and software with their easy-to-navigate platform.
  1. Talent Table. Combining administrative tasks, art, copywriting, marketing, IT support, design and development to create a platform for companies to seek out freelancers.
  1. Codeable. An exclusive platform that looks for developers to work on a variety of WordPress-only projects. The site connects clients with freelancers for the perfect match.
  1. Design Crowd. Looks for freelancers with an eye for designing logos, websites, flyers, t-shirts and various graphics.

With so many freelance sites to choose from, it’s time to polish up your resume and work portfolio. Explore and hone in on your talents. Your side-gig or full-time freelance career awaits!

~Here’s to Your Success