Could You Survive The Marines’ 54-Hour Final Test?

54-hour final test

Before Marines complete their recruit training, they must endure and pass a 54-hour final test known as “The Crucible”.

The name of this section is intimidating for a reason. Do you think that you could survive the Marines’ 54-hour final test?

The Crucible

You have no idea what to expect in an enemy’s homeland, which is why military training is so intensive and challenging to pass. “The Crucible” is a final set of tasks in training that mimics an active battle. 

This test happens in the 11th week of 13 weeks in the Marine Corps boot camp. Lasting 54 hours, this test begins at 2 am, day 1. They’re woken up and told to fall in line with their 50-pound gear. 

How It Works

The first task recruits go through is a 6-mile hike in the cold darkness. They split into groups that follow different battle scenarios inspired by historical events within the Marine Corps. 

They go through an intense obstacle course, but this time they must carry cargo weighing between 30 and 50 pounds. The entire group is subjected to setbacks such as burpees and push-ups if they drop the cargo.

When recruits hit the 6-8 hour mark of the 54-hour final test, tensions rise as exhaustion and frustration begin to kick in. This is where the mental strain of the course kicks in. This test challenges the recruit’s ability to overcome difficult obstacles.

Passing The Final Test

The rest of the day includes one-on-one fighting and shooting ranges. Recruits endure punishments for failing to win or complete different challenges.

In order to complete and pass “The Crucible,” recruits not only have to have a strong physical body able to endure pain and exhaustion. They also need strong enough mental willpower to overcome anything.

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