Cut Your Power Bill By 30% Every Month In 2 Mins

Cut Your Power Bill By 30% Every Month In 2 Mins

There are dozens of things homeowners can do around the house to save energy and reduce power costs. Adjusting your thermostat, replacing your air filters, installing ceiling fans and switching to EnergyStar appliances are all helpful. But while they each bring savings, it takes a while for the dollars to really add up. What if we told you there is one thing you can do to slash your costs by up to 30 percent in just a couple of minutes?

Quick Read:The regulation of the energy industry, including price caps, was helpful in the 30s. Over time, consumers became disgruntled. States responded by passing new laws to deregulate the industry, opening the energy supply market up to a lot of healthy competition. Keep reading to find out how you could benefit.

Slash Your Costs with This One Major Trick.

Energy Deregulation

The energy market as we know it has been heavily regulated since as far back as the 1930s. This gave utility companies the power to both supply and deliver the energy sources they were selling with little competition. The government also put caps on the amount the companies could charge consumers, but this still left most feeling as though they had no choice, as most areas were monopolized by only one or two energy providers.

The cries of consumers led some states to start taking a closer look at energy regulations. In the 1990s, some started passing laws to deregulate the industry. Consumers suddenly found themselves in a much more competitive market.

Supply vs Delivery

What does this mean to you? You definitely have options if you live in a state that has deregulated electricity. When you look closely at your utility bill, you’ll see separate charges for energy supply and energy delivery. While your delivery charges will likely remain with your current provider, you can contract with a different utility company for the actual supply. The market is currently so competitive you could easily save 30 percent or more each month on just the costs of supply.

Do a quick search of your area for alternative energy suppliers. Start by visiting the website of the American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers. There you’ll find a state-by-state guide detailing which states have competitive options available as well as information on how to find which alternative providers are certified to do business with the major delivery services in your area. Online services like Arcadia Power are also worth exploring. Arcadia claims to constantly monitor your market for lower providers, automatically switching you when one with a lower rate appears.

In most cases, your delivery provider will continue to do your billing. You’ll need to check to make sure your statements are updated to reflect your service provider change once you’ve signed a contract.

It’s really that simple. Sure, you’ll want to continue making sure the lights are shut off when not in use and that you aren’t doing half-loads of wash. But real savings opportunities are available with just a simple web search and a phone call to an alternative energy provider. You’re going to be amazed at the savings potential.