Degree Paths With A Six-Figure Salary After Graduation

Six-Figure Salary Degrees

The whole point of going to school is to be able to advance yourself in your future career. Although it may cost a lot to get your degree, the ROI (return on investment) will be high if you can make a six-figure salary post-graduation.

Here are a few of the most common degree paths that can lead to high-value jobs. 

Medical Doctor

Becoming a doctor is a very financially rewarding job. Doctors have a high earning potential and plenty of opportunities to work their way up the ladder throughout their careers. However, medicine is probably the most intensive in regards to extra schooling. It can take between 10-12 years of school to have the proper foundation for practicing medicine. 


Law is another profession with a significant salary. After getting a law degree from an accredited school, you’ll need to pass the bar exam in order to start your career. Lawyers can work in a variety of different settings such as private practices, corporate law, and government positions.


Engineers are in high demand and typically earn a good wage. They use their innovation and design skills to bring creative solutions to practical problems. Because of how diverse the field is, there are lots of specialties to choose from based on your interests. Some of the most common engineering niches include civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.


Accountants get a major payday, but they only reach six figures after becoming a Certified Public Accountant. Advancing as a CPA requires you to work for a few years as a public accountant, as well as pass an exam that grants you a specialized certification. As a CPA, you would be advising both businesses and individuals in their financial goals, giving them practical steps to achieve success. 

IT Professional

IT professionals are in high demand because of how reliant companies are on technology. These specialists are utilized by businesses that use electronic processes to complete their work, manage their teams, and distribute their products. If you’re a tech whiz, this degree path has a lot of future benefits and potential job security.


Pharmacists can easily make six-figures, although you’ll also need a lot of schooling to reach your highest earning potential. Retail pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics all hire pharmacists to service clients and distribute prescriptions. The highest-paid pharmacists have intensive specialties that require more field experience and education. Clinical research pharmacists who test and develop new medications are especially well-compensated. 

Ethical Hackers

This unconventional career choice requires a degree in either Cyber Security or Computer Science. As an ethical hacker, you identify weaknesses in the security systems of corporations that need to protect their assets. The more experience you have, the more you’ll get paid. 

These are only a few options for careers with a lot of financial payoff. Many of these tracks may require a master’s or even a doctorate degree in the field. That’s why it’s so important to start planning our your schooling now- reaching your goals takes work! 

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