Easy Hacks For Organizing Your Dorm Room

College life is stressful. There are endless papers, infinite amounts of lectures, and countless hours spent working. That’s not to mention all of the social events and outings that add to the full “college experience.”

When day-to-day activities on campus get so hectic, it’s easy to neglect basic responsibilities like cleaning your dorm room. However, this can actually be detrimental to your mental health. Messy dorms have been linked to sleep problems and increased weight gain. 

If you want to avoid all of this stress, start by organizing your home base. Here are some easy hacks for organizing your dorm room to make it feel neat and tidy. 

Stackable Shelves

Give yourself more storage space with stackable wire shelves. They’re simple to set up, easy to move, and convenient to use. Having the ability to stack them also gives you more vertical storage. These kinds of shelves also tend to be much less expensive than typical wooden shelving units, perfect for the tight college student budget. 

Power Strips

Power strips are your saving grace if you live in a dorm room. The layout of the room may not be very flexible because of a lack of outlets. If you use power strips, you have more freedom to rearrange your room in the most functional way possible. You’ll also have an easier time organizing all of your electronic cables and cords if you use a power strip.

Bed Raisers

When you live in a small dorm, it’s important to utilize every square inch of space that you have. Purchasing bed raisers can help you get more under-the-bed storage that’s easy to access. They lift your bed up a few inches so that you can store bins, shelves, dressers, or any important item that you don’t need immediate access to. If you want an even cleaner look, tuck a sheet under your mattress that covers this storage space so that it’s hidden.


Baskets are the universal solution to making any messy room look a little tidier. Find a wide variety of storage containers that match your design aesthetic. For a boho look, try thrifting some woven rattan baskets. If a modern look is more your style, try a wire basket made of metallic material. You can even mix and match different styles if you want to be eclectic. 

Over-The-Door Organizers

Every space has the potential to store your everyday items- even the empty space on your door. You can find over-the-door organizers that hold shoes, accessories, towels, purses, and mirrors. Find an option that best fits your everyday routine so that you have quick access to everything you need to get yourself ready.