Home Security System Buyer Guide


If you’re concerned about your home security, you’re in good company. Every 30 seconds, another household falls victim to burglars — and if your home isn’t protected, the likelihood that you’ll be targeted more than doubles.

Now, here’s the good news: there are numerous home security options to fit both your budget and your lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for a professionally installed system like ADT or an easy do-it-yourself kit like SimpliSafe, Abode, or Ring, home security and 24/7 monitoring can be uncomplicated and affordable.


Boasting over 140 years of experience in home security, ADT offers protection with a nationally recognized name. It offers an array of services including 24/7 monitoring, door and window sensors, motion sensors, and optional cameras. ADT’s hardware is compatible with smart home devices like Zwave, Amazon Alexa, and Kwikset, which you can sync to your smart phone for control away from home.

At a dollar per day, monitoring costs are comparable to many other security companies, although ADT requires a three-year contract. And while most of the equipment is usually free with installation, it must be professionally installed (for $99). It also might be a hassle to uninstall and take with you if you move.


Hoping to bypass professional installation and lengthy contracts? SimpliSafe is quick and easy to set up, requires virtually no tools or in-wall wiring, and offers contract-free monitoring. Its services are comparable to ADT’s, with options to control your system, including free-to-stream cameras, via your smartphone.

The security system itself has a 24-hour backup battery so your home is protected even in a power outage or after tampering. You’ll have to purchase all the equipment, but you can get started with a basic package for only $229.


If you’ve already set up your smart home and are looking to add a security system, Abode might be your choice. This system is designed to work with numerous smart home devices and apps like Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Ecobee’s thermostats, and Linear’s garage door openers.

Abode is simple to install, has a 10-hour backup battery, and comes with the option of back-up 3G, so your system stays powered and online during emergencies. It’s a straightforward, no-nonsense option with plenty of additional functionality.

Starter packages begin at $229, and monitoring costs as little as $10 per month if you bundle.


Another popular do-it-yourself home security system is Ring. While its device pricing is comparable to SimpliSafe’s, the company offers a contract-free, bundle-free $10-a-month protection plan. It also has a broader array of accessories including video doorbells and solar panel attachments for their security cameras.

Ring requires more installation than SimpliSafe and Abode, although each device comes with all the tools you’ll need to do the job. And if you run into any problems, the website has detailed installation tutorials.

Whether you want a professionally installed system, a do-it-yourself kit, or an addition to your existing smart home setup, you have some great options. You can find a home security system that meets your budget and needs and find some added piece of mind. You, your family, and your home are worth it.

~Here’s to Your Success