How to be a Dorm Room Chef

dorm room chef

Need a couple of pointers on how to break out of eating the same thing from the cafeteria? Dorm room cooking can be difficult and very limiting, but some creativity and knowledge on the subject can cook you up some good ideas and spice up your more-than-likely poor diet. 

Souper Mug 

Having the right tools to upgrade your dorm diet is more important than a bowl of oatmeal – and speaking of oatmeal, the Souper Mug is perfect for cooking breakfast or dinner in a compact space, limiting the number of dishes and your dishwashing. You can use this to cook an array of foods in your microwave and take it to class easily. 

Gallon Water Purifier 

If you like to make coffee or just to drink water regularly in your room, an investment you will probably want to make is a water purifier. With water serving as a base for most drinks and many microwavable foods, you will want to have good water around without buying bottles every week. Gallon water purifiers may cost a little more, but it serves well when it saves you trips to the store and opens many more doors to cooking options in your own room. 

Microwave Egg Cooker 

If you like a quick breakfast that has some serious potential, depending on what you do with it, then you might consider trying a microwave egg cooker. All you have to do is crack an egg into the container, add whatever you want to it, and stick it in the microwave for less than a couple of minutes. 

The possibilities are virtually endless with this one. You can put your creations on sandwiches, pair them with microwaved bacon, or just eat them by themselves. Eggs are a super quick and great source of healthy protein and can start your day off much better than running late for breakfast. 

Other Dorm Cooking Appliances

Many things can work to make as close to a gourmet meal as you can in the comfort of your own dorm. Things like small pans you can get on Amazon, hotplates, mini waffle makers, or a small rice cooker are all part of whatever you can get creative with to take your diet to the next level. 

It’s hard being in college, but if you put your mind to it, you can get some nutrition and enjoy doing it with a sense of pride in your own cooking abilities. The point is, you just have to get the creative juices flowing. 

Basic Meal Ideas 

You could try some basic ideas: an omelet and mini waffle, breakfast sandwiches/tacos, rice, frozen chicken strips, smoothies of literally anything, small-sized pasta with heated sauce, soup, microwave-steamed veggies, etc. The possibilities are endless, and college is a good time to practice cooking after graduating. You can’t rely on Chik-fil-a and the microwave forever. 

Recycle Plastic Containers 

Where to put all this delicious food? A good idea is to collect plastic containers from restaurants you go to that say “microwave safe” on them. Those containers should last a few months for temporary use – just long enough for a semester of storing better dining options. 

Resourceful Condiments

One more tip you may or may not have thought of: take your favorite extra condiments from everywhere you go. There is no better way to spice up your cooking as a college student than free toppings and spices. Restaurants give out excess packets for almost anything you can think of, so don’t be afraid to ask for more. Besides – you can taste the ‘free,’ and it’s wonderful. 

Keep thinking, and you’ll be able not to waste this time in your life settling for the same foods day in and day out. Have fun with it, and learn what you like in the process. You got this!

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