The 10 Most Venomous Spiders on Earth

For Arachnophobia sufferers, just the sight of a creepy-crawly bug can trigger a fear response. While the fears may not always be completely founded, there are some spiders on our planet humans should strive to avoid. That includes nearly every spider on this spine-tingling list from WatchMojo:

These creatures can be dangerous if mishandled. But remember: Most just want to hunt peacefully for bugs. Injecting venom takes a lot of effort; they don’t want to waste that precious energy on us unless they absolutely have to. 

Spiders are also a vital part of the ecosystem — yes, even the dangerous ones. So, if you’re uncomfortable finding them in your home, try to safely catch and release them outside rather than killing them. 

While destroying them often does more harm than good, your personal safety does matter, too. Experts don’t recommend attempting to move extremely dangerous species, such as the Brazilian wandering spider, the Sydney funnel weaver, the black widow, or the brown recluse, unless you’re confident you can do so safely.

There are around 50,000 species of spiders on the planet. Yet, only roughly 25 of those are capable of triggering medical reactions when provoked. While the numbers are relatively low, the bottom line is simple: wild spiders are better enjoyed from a distance.