25 Incredible Home Science Projects

Kids have missed out on a lot this year with lockdowns and quarantines, and hands-on science projects have taken a major hit. Whether kids are currently studying in the classroom or learning at home, finding interesting projects to do is a key element to a solid educational experience. 

We’ve found some cool science projects for you to share with the budding scientist in your life! The best part? They’re safe and easy for kids to do right in the kitchen!

Can’t get enough fun with science? Kids have plenty of other options for indulging their naturally explorative side without taking big risks at the same time. If you have a local science museum or discovery center, plan out an afternoon visit. Or, sign your little one up for age-appropriate classes with others their own age.

Don’t forget the science that’s all around us on a day-to-day basis, either. For example, teaching kids how to cook can help them discover the various ways chemicals interact with one another. Just why does bread rise after you put yeast in it? And what makes water boil when you’re making spaghetti?

Kids and adults alike love to see matter change and morph. With these home science projects, you and the kids can have hours of fun and discover something innovative at the same time. That’s a great way to cultivate the future scientist in your child.