4 Home Security Gadgets Under $20

How safe is your home? FBI statistics show that a burglary happens in the US every 30 seconds. Anyone with assets is at risk of experiencing theft, whether you rent out an apartment or own a large home. 

The only downfall of home security is that it can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But you don’t have to blow your entire paycheck on a new system to prevent theft! 

If you want to protect your wallet and your home simultaneously, here are four security gadgets that you can buy for under $20. 

1. Addalock

Price: $17.95

If you’re looking for extra security that you can take with you anywhere, Addalock is your best option. This pocket-sized gadget slides into the lock of your door and fastens in place once you close the door. You can take it with you to hotel rooms and Airbnb’s for increased safety while you travel. 

2. TOWODE Door Stop

Price: $16.59

This door stop is an easy way to be alerted about anyone trying to enter your home through a doorway. You can slip these doorstops underneath your door before you go to sleep, and its high-pitched alarm will go off if it is moved. You can also change the level of sensitivity if you want a better detection of movement. 

3. TOYFUL Door Reinforcement

Price: $19.98

With easy 4-step installation, TOYFUL’s door reinforcement is a foolproof way to add an extra safety measure to entering your home. You can place it around the frame of your door, and it will add an extra layer of protection between the edge of your door and your doorframe. Having additional reinforcement helps prolong the time it takes to intrude your home and buy you more time to call the police. 

4. SABRE Adjustable Home Bar

Price: $19.99

Although this gadget is simple, SABRE’s adjustable home bar is a great way to increase your home’s amount of protection without breaking the bank. It sits beneath your doorknob so that it props between the floor and your door. It installs in seconds, and it is also portable in case you want to take it with you on your travels.