Useful Budgeting Apps That Actually Work

Budgeting apps

The art and necessity of budgeting is something every adult learns how to do during their lifetimes. Some public schools offer minimal teaching on the financial world. However, many are left without knowledge of how to actually to manage their money well. That’s where budgeting apps come in.

Budgeting apps come in handy for those who weren’t taught financial management. What budget apps do is track your spending and monthly bills. Certain apps also help you save and invest your money at the same time! 

Check out these 6 budgeting apps to help stabilize your financial habits.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

This app is known for being the best overall budgeting tool currently available! You can sync your bank account to it while also enjoying a free 34-day trial of the app before paying the annual fee of $98. 

Inventors of the YNAB app say that new budgeters save $600 within their first two months and over $6000 annually. The one negative of this app, however, is the expensive cost. Regardless of the annual cost, everything this app offers may make it worthwhile.


This app is best known for being the most effective free budgeting app. You can see this app’s success with its large customer base of over 25 million users! With this app, you can set up payment reminders and have instant access to viewing your credit score.

Be aware that you may receive targeting financial product spending advertisements within this free app. Mint allows you to sync your bank accounts while also helping you track your daily spending. This includes tools like a home affordability calculator and loan repayment calculator. 

Simplifi by Quicken

Simplifi is known as the app that’s the best for cash flow among other apps available. This app is regarded highly for its ability to provide personalized spending plans while keeping you updated on how much you have left to spend each month! 

Simplifi also tracks your monthly bills and subscriptions, including ones you don’t use, helping its users to get rid of no longer needed apps that you forgot you were paying for. This app has the best tools for tracking your finances while limiting your spending if it exceeds your monthly income.


This app is a great option for those who are over-spenders. PocketGuard has very structured and strict algorithms for its users to track income, expenses, and savings daily. This app has an annual cost of $34.99, with the option of paying a one-time lifetime fee of $79.99.

Personal Capital 

This app is free with the option of a paid investment service. This app is a helpful choice if you want to build up wealth. Personal Capital also tracks your net worth and assists you in planning for retirement. This app also offers a free fee analyzer, allowing you to look closely at your portfolio fees.


Zeta is good for couples seeking budgeting help, whether financials are joint or separate. This app, like Mint, is free and has no hidden fees within the app. Zeta makes managing bills easy for married or engaged couples because it tracks spending, helps couples create joint accounts, and gives shared control to both people.