5 Free Things to Do This Weekend

5 Free Things to Do This Weekend

Living on budget doesn’t have to be boring, but without good planning, it definitely can be. Finding free or cheap things to do for entertainment can be a challenge with expensive activities like ax throwing and escape rooms ruling the weekend crowd.

Get out of the house and into the world around you this weekend without spending a cent. These no-cost activities are some of the best ways to spend a few hours enjoying life.

1 Attend a Board Game Play Night

Tabletop games are experiencing a comeback, and they’re no longer reserved only for the D&D and crowd. According to an AP press release, Millennials are largely responsible for the growth of the board game market, and business owners are jumping on this trend by opening cafes and board game stores.

The goods new for those looking for free entertainment is many of these stores host play nights or demos of new games for free. Find the stores in your area and ask to be added to their email blasts.

2 Create a Trail Challenge and Get Hiking

Start a list of trails to hike in the area along with a challenge to complete them in a set amount of time. Pick the first location and get walking! Take notes along the way or journal about the experience after the hike is through.

Whether it takes a couple months or a year, when this DIY Ultimate Hiking Challenge is complete, you’ll know the green space in your city well. Plus, this activity checks off the weekend exercise goal without paying a cent to the gym!

3 Plan a Progressive Dinner, Pantry Style

A progressive dinner is the perfect chance to make connections in a community, and making it pantry style removes the pressure of spending a lot on a meal for everyone involved. Assign each host a category, like appetizers or desserts, and make sure it’s clear that everyone needs to use what they have on hand for their culinary creations. Move from home to home in the neighborhood to share creative dishes and good conversation.

4 Relive Childhood Fun

Kids are the experts at free fun; it’s basically their job. Think back to a favorite memory of creative entertainment from your younger years and relive it here and now. If building a fort with siblings was an every-Saturday event, try to recreate your most epic childhood fort. If collecting cool rocks or bugs was your thing, reacquaint yourself with your inner nature expert for a few hours.

5 Binge Research a New Topic

So many people have that one subject they wish they’d studied in school or had the time to learn more about. There’s no better time than a free weekend to turn that dream into a reality. Pack a snack, bring some headphones and dedicate an entire afternoon to flipping through books on that topic at the library.

Be intentional about creating free, enjoyable activities for the weekend and ditch FOMO for good. In a culture obsessed with spending money to have fun, it takes a special person to push back against the norm and enjoy the alternatives.