5 Reasons You Aren’t Doing as Bad as You Think

5 Reasons You Aren't Doing as Bad as You Think

Let’s face it. It can be downright hard finding the motivation to get through some days. Feeling drained and overwhelmed can lead to negativity and feelings of despair — and worse: putting yourself down. It’s easy to think that we’re screwing up everything even on the best of days. Or that we’re falling behind our peers. But on a bad day? No one can hurt us quite like ourselves. It can help put things into perspective.

You Have a Paycheck Each Week

Do you worry every time you check the mailbox that it could be another upcoming or past-due bill? When the bank balance is barely enough to cover monthly expenses, the anxiety and stress can become overwhelming and leave us feeling as though we’re failing. But look, even if you’re depositing a modest paycheck every week, you ARE working. And that can’t be said of everyone. It may not be a lot or as much as others, but you’ve earned every cent.

A Few Good Friends to Count On

Some days, it may seem like there isn’t a friend to be found. Jumping on social media and seeing others going out and having fun without you can be difficult. Take a look around. Maybe it’s time to make some new ones, but friends are everywhere if you’re looking for them. Obviously, to have friends, you need to be one first so reach out to others and make some plans. You may have a larger circle than you realize.

Food in the Fridge

On some nights, it could be leftovers, and on other days, it’s just Ramen for lunch. The struggle is real. And maybe some of your nutrition comes from the food bank. It can feel degrading, but many of us have done it, and hey, at least there’s food on the table.

Someone Looks up to You

Think you don’t make an impact? Think again. Someone will always remember that time you went out of your way or offered a heartfelt smile during their time of need. Lead by setting a good example and you’re certain to help others without even knowing it.

Healthy Blessings

Don’t judge yourself in the mirror! Look in that mirror and tell yourself something wonderful. Tell your reflection that you’re glad you showed up today. Because sometimes that’s all we’ve got.

Maybe you feel like you’re in a rut, with no exit in sight. No matter how much it seems like you might never achieve your goals, please remember we’re all works in progress.

Somehow, somewhere in your life, there are things that you’re lucky to have. But it takes some practice to see them. Overall, it’s a pretty good bet that you really aren’t doing quite as bad as you may think. Look around. If you have a safe place to sleep, food in the fridge and can get up out of bed each morning, you’re doing better than a lot of people. Stay humble while you reach for the sky.