5 Ways to Slash Summer Energy Costs

5 Ways to Slash Summer Energy Costs

(MotivateDaily.com) – The weather is scorching out there! With the roaring heat comes high energy usage. While it’s comforting to flick on the AC, it’s not so easy on the pocketbook. The good news is there are plenty of ways to slash summer energy costs. If you find your energy bill is getting a little out of control, use these tips to slash your energy consumption and bring down your bill.

Use a Fan

With your central air running at maximum capacity, one way to conserve energy is to use a fan in conjunction with your AC unit. This helps circulate air and move more cold air around a room.

For the best efficiency, try installing a ceiling or attic fan. This can help with drawing out hot air and allowing the AC to work more efficiently.

Think Smart

To get the most out of your home’s AC unit, consider installing a smart thermostat. This automatically adjusts your settings and keeps rooms at a consistent temperature year round. You can also switch it on or off remotely if you have a smart hub installed in your home.

Keep It Dark

Remember back in the day when your grandparents would darken the rooms in the house and shut all the windows to make the indoors cooler? Try installing blackout curtains. The method can greatly reduce the air temperature in your home, even with your AC unit on. It keeps temps in check, so your power system doesn’t have to work so hard.

Avoid Humidity

Taking measures to reduce the humidity in the air can also be helpful to keep energy costs under control on hot days. Extra humidity creates heat and can make the AC unit work harder than it needs to. Try to avoid:

  • Taking showers during peak hours of the day when temps are high
  • Cooking on the stove and creating steam in the air
  • Leaving windows open or frequently opening doors and windows when temps are high

Reducing humidity can help you feel cooler and slash energy costs.

Summer Weatherproofing

Just like weatherproofing your home in the winter is important with curbing heating costs, don’t forget the summer too! The goal is to keep hot air out and the cool air in.


  • Installing tinted or reflective film on glass
  • Adding weatherstripping to doors and windows with gaps or cracks
  • Having your home insulated for maximum energy efficiency
  • Replacing drafty windows or doors
  • Installing automatic blinds

Blocking UV rays and keeping the sun from reflecting into your home is a great way to keep your indoors cool and comfortable.

Maintaining an energy bill that doesn’t fluctuate too greatly throughout the year is the goal of every budget-savvy homeowner. There are countless ways to slash costs and keep bills in check. A little ingenuity and a few home updates may help you live more comfortably each day.

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