7 Bizarre College Majors

Choosing a college major can be an exciting time in your life. You may even have an idea already of what you want to study. But wait! Before you commit, you might want to consider these fascinating, strange, and downright bizarre career paths. One could catch your fancy — or simply entertain you while you choose a more standard course of study.

Adventure Education

No, that doesn’t mean skipping class to go on an adventure. Yes, this is an actual college major at some universities. If you love rock climbing, kayaking, and exploring the wilderness, an Adventure Education degree could open up job opportunities for the National Park Service or other outdoor adventure programs. 


Does playing the bagpipe sound like a good time to you? Consider swapping your major. We’re not sure if kilts are required, but you can learn to become a professional bagpiper. If being a musician doesn’t fit your passion, you could teach bagpiping instead. 


Consider a career in comedy if your friends are always saying you’re hilarious. Assuming they aren’t just being kind, you might find your niche in comedy writing or performance. You could end up working as a stand-up comic, comedic actor, or even in a behind-the-scenes position as a writer on a hot new streaming series. A sense of humor is required.

Fermentation Sciences

Take your love for craft brews and wine, and make it your career with a Fermentation Sciences major. Loved ones and friends might scoff or be skeptical, but they may sing a different tune when you turn your passion into pay and purpose. Plus, they can be your taste testers — cheers!

Mortuary Science

A fascination with the ghoulish doesn’t have to go to waste. You could change your major to Mortuary Science and train for a career as a mortician, medical examiner, or funeral home practitioner. Hey, someone has to do it — why not you? 


Turns out that you don’t have to be born with the gift to learn to cultivate it. Study the scientific methods used for psychic predictions, and transform them into a fascinating career. A cool party trick and an even cooler career path. 

Sexuality Studies

Yes, this is a real major and not just a cheesy pickup line. It might be a fun major but expect serious classes, too. You could find your purpose in studying sexuality in terms of social justice, victim rights advocacy, reproductive justice, and a few other career paths. You could also use it as a cheesy pickup line — but it’s not recommended.

This isn’t even the full list of weird but amazing college majors you can take. If it helps, try writing out all the random and even odd interests that fascinate you. Then, take what you’ve written and run a search for careers. 

You might already have a career path in mind, but something else might be even more appealing — if only you’d known about it. Maybe you just turn up some really odd search results, or you might just turn up a career that’s innovative, fascinating, and FUN. You won’t know until you try. Go on! You just might find the career you never even knew you always wanted.