A Dog With An Attitude

The internet is a source of hours upon hours of entertainment for anyone with social media. The one video topic that always grasps viewers’ attention is puppies. 

Snapchat, one of today’s most well-known social media platforms, has been around for over ten years. One of the app’s highlights is the silly filters one can use on their face or the background around them. 

One of the recent filters is a Pixar-style animated eye and face filter. Taking over Tik Tok and Instagram, you can easily find several trends revolving around this new uncanny feature. It makes any person look like a character straight out of a cartoon Pixar movie!


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♬ I cannot breathe hahaha – Mallory Maney

Why Not Combine Puppies With Snapchat Filters?

Within the last few months, people have begun using Snapchat filters on their dogs to capture the funny moments of their everyday lives. They’ve used these filters to morph the proportions of their faces and bodies. However, the one that has people laughing the most is this new Pixar filter. 

In the Tik Tok video listed above, the sweet golden retriever minds his own business while chewing a toy. Its’ owner flashes the camera onto the pup to show some hilarious results. The animated eyes added a new layer of humor to normal dog behavior. With over 4.7 million likes and views, more people have begun to use this filter on their furry friends, and most can’t help but laugh at the goofiness in their animals through this simple Snapchat feature.

The next time you’re chilling with your dog or cat, have some fun with goofy filters to see what they look like! This is one of the many ways you use Snapchat to bring little moments of joy to your day. It also brings a smile to others who are a part of the social media world.