Benefits to Volunteering

Volunteering is wonderful for yourself and for others. Many people volunteer because they enjoy working with a certain organization and aren’t looking to gain financially. Some people, especially school-aged children, need to have volunteer hours so they learn how important volunteering in their community can be. Volunteering makes you feel better as a person, gives you an outlook on different situations, helps people or animals in need, and benefits everyone. 

There is always a need for volunteers in all different types of industries. Some non-profits help communities through the work of volunteers. Some groups want to help young children and rely on volunteers to staff and work with the children. Not all industries can afford to pay people that want to help them, and volunteering is a great way that the business doesn’t have to pay out wages and the volunteer benefits. That benefit may be emotional, link people socially, and give that volunteer a newfound understanding of local people or organizations. This may give the volunteer insight into choices they may make in the future.

Mental Health Benefits

Volunteering connects you with others which is great for making friends or future contacts. Volunteering puts you in a different location and a different social situation that helps your social and interpersonal skills. When you volunteer as a group or a family, it makes you feel as if your group is doing something very important as a whole. It’s also great for your mind and body. Helping others is proven to give you self-confidence. It can also get a person out of depression. 

Physical Benefits

Volunteering often requires a physical task, so you stay mobile and physically active. It may also require teaching something which can help you mentally. Volunteering can also be great if you decide on a career in the future that aligns with the volunteer experience. Not to mention that it looks wonderful on a resume and gives you new skills you may not have attained somewhere else. 

Financial Benefits

We already mentioned volunteering makes a great resume filler, but it also is a great way to network. You can get in with a wide range of people including those who run charity organizations, and they may remember you on future job applications or interviews. Also, many organizations offer perks to volunteers such as discounts, food, and more depending on which industry you volunteer for.

Volunteering is a great way to help others and make yourself feel happy and fulfilled at the same time.

Volunteering industries:

  1. Religious
  2. Educational
  3. Social service
  4. Health organization

Examples of volunteering:

  • Helping a national boys or girls club
  • Volunteering at your local youth sports organization
  • Walking a dog for a neighbor
  • Working a fundraiser
  • Spending time with elderly
  • Volunteering at your local school
  • Helping pets in need
  • Volunteering at a therapy center
  • Cleaning up the highway
  • Volunteering at the local food bank
  • Online crowdfunding
  • Social Media