How to Get a Big Raise at Work

How to Get a Big Raise at Work

( – You’ve been scouring the help-wanted boards and talking to recruiters about new employment opportunities left and right. You need to get away from your dead-end job. So far, there haven’t been any promising leads. What if you’re looking in the wrong direction? Have you thought about asking for a raise at work? Or getting promoted to a higher position? Here are some tips that might help.

List Your Accomplishments

Right now is the perfect time to reflect back on what you’ve given to your current employer thus far. Dig deep. List positives like:

  • Perfect attendance record.
  • Volunteer missions you’ve completed.
  • Awards you’ve acquired.
  • Projects you’ve spearheaded.
  • Ways you’ve stepped in to assist other employees.
  • Times you went above and beyond.
  • Your initial pay rate.

All of these lay the foundation for potentially getting a hefty raise.

What You’ll Bring to the Table Moving Forward

Next, you need to let your employer know exactly what you’ll bring to the company moving into the future. Are you willing to take on more responsibility? If so, be sure to insinuate that when you meet. With everything from your desire to work there long term to how you can improve your existing job duties, let your employer know.

Think Positive

When going into your meeting with your boss, think positive! Have a good, optimistic attitude. How you come across means everything. If your employer sees that you have an optimistic outlook, it could help them lean toward adding more money to your paycheck.

Learn How to Advocate for Yourself

Be prepared for your employer to ask some tough questions during the interview. Be nice but informative on misinformation that may come up from your employer. Don’t let others take credit for your hard work.

Don’t be rude or emotional about whatever the outcome may be. Always remain calm and professional at all times, but don’t let your past good deeds go unnoticed.

You know you deserve more for your hard work, so why not ask for it? Approach your employer about what you desire in a pay raise and back it up with supporting facts. Yes, this is a big step, but if you have the confidence, it will show. And you’ll be basking in the rewards of a fatter paycheck!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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