Think You’re Too Old to Get That Degree? Think Again!

Think You're Too Old to Get That Degree? Think Again!

Been thinking about furthering your education? Maybe having kids or working a full-time job took over your life goals back in the day. Now your own kids are trekking off to college, and it has you wondering if you still could get that degree.

NBC News shares that students over age 25 account for 40% of graduate students, and the number is expected to rise. The bottom line is it’s not too late and you’re not too old to go back to college. Here’s why.

You Can Still Climb the Corporate Ladder

Do you still dream of climbing the corporate ladder? If the only thing holding you back from a management position at work is a degree, it’s time to pursue it. The competition is fierce in the business world. Execs want employees with a solid college education, and that’s the first item they’ll look for on a resume. Pursue your goals and get that degree under your belt.

Gain Your Degree Part-time

No matter what your age or how busy you are, college provides many options for busy adults. If you have a family and work full time, you can take college courses part time and get those core classes finished quickly. Many community colleges offer night classes and online courses to help you gain your degree fast.

Fulfill Your Lifelong Dream

Stuck working as a receptionist or at a dead-end job you dread daily? Be excited to go to work and not be such a Debbie Downer on Monday mornings! Ask yourself what dream job you aspired to when you were younger. Veterinarian? Fashion designer? Talk to a college admissions counselor. Have them match you up with a degree that will fulfill those lifelong wishes.

Years of Work Experience Is an Advantage

Do you do the job every day, but the only thing missing is a degree? Maybe you already work in the classroom with kids as an aide, but a college education is standing between you and teaching the class. This will make taking courses easier because you already have a good knowledge base from your experience. Some workplaces will assist their employees with college tuition costs, so you may be eligible for help there as well.

Age is just a number. If you want to go to school to gain expertise and earn that degree, there’s no better time than now. Knowledge is power. Use your education to expand your mind and fatten your pocketbook.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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