Save Big Bucks on Gas With These Tips

Save Big Bucks on Gas With These Tips

( – Have you felt lately that most of your extra cash seems to get lost deep in your gas tank? As the price of fuel fluctuates, along with unexpected trips that may arise, it can seem like you’re spending more on gas than you would like. The good news is there are many ways to save some big bucks on your gas expenditures. Try implementing these tips into your routine.

There’s an App for That

There are several mobile apps that you can install to help you navigate through fluctuating gas prices. GasBuddy is one example. It tells you where to find the nearest and cheapest gas stations from your GPS location, or you can type in your desired destination. This is a great tool for trip planning while on the road, giving you the best options for saving money while traveling.

Utilize Gas Savings Programs

Another way to pinch pennies at the pump is to take advantage of a gas savings program card. You’ve probably heard of them, but in many cases it really pays to check out all they offer.

While they have special incentives like awesome fuel rewards and free drinks and candy, pay attention to special, hidden offers that can really save you money. Don’t forget to check your points balance and cash in on more savings!

Get Those Tires Checked

When it comes to getting good gas mileage, it starts with your tires. No matter how gas efficient your vehicle is or how cheap you obtain gas at the pump, if your tires are not inflated properly, it will drain your tank faster. This is because it comes down to the rolling resistance of the tire, or how the tire overcomes inertia.

Be sure to have the proper tires on your vehicle and keep them well balanced and rotated. Most importantly, be sure to have them checked periodically for the proper pressure.

Consider a Fuel Efficiency Car Model

Getting ready to trade in your vehicle due to age or high mileage? If so, now is the time to consider a fuel-efficient model. Not only does it help lower your carbon footprint by reducing smog and pollution, but your tank will require less to fill up at the pump. It’s a win for the environment and your bank account!

Saving big at the pump doesn’t have to be too complicated. There’s more than just one way to save, so the more tricks you use, the more money that stays in your pocket. With that, it’s time to sit down and start planning your next road trip!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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