These 5 Sites Pay You to Take Pictures

These 5 Sites Pay You to Take Pictures

( – These days, with advancements in smartphone technology, it’s easy to feel like a professional photographer. Because our phones are always easily accessible, it’s easy to get a good snap almost anywhere. But did you know you can score a significant amount of cash for those striking photos? Publishers will pay big bucks for your captures on these five sites.


FOAP is an interactive website that allows you to obtain ratings from other users. You can get started by downloading their phone app; then, snap away and upload the results. Once you get five positive reviews on a capture, you’ll gain the option to sell it to visitors. Funds easily add up, letting you score residual money while you sleep.


You don’t need a desktop to edit and sell your newfound snapshots — just download the Photosesh app and offer up your services to clients. This platform allows you to choose what projects you want to work on. Photosesh allows you to set your own hours and availability, so when and how you work is entirely up to you. They’ll also notify you when clients, who often run the gamut from wedding planners to parents hosting toddler birthday parties, need your help on a gig.

4Corners Images

This site lets you hone in on a specific niche. Interested in travel, nature, or food? Pick your passion and showcase your very best to impress potential buyers. 4Corners has an impressive traffic flow, so your chances are high for potential sales. The payoff is a 50/50 split with the company who handles the entire transaction.

Animals Animals

Is your passion in life animals of every kind and breed? If so, taking photographs of them can really rake in the dough! Get a camera with at least 10MP or greater and use your best photo editing software. Then, go out and take some cool snapshots of nature or some furry friends right in your own backyard. With Animals Animals, you’ll earn a sleek 50% commission off all your sales.


Are you an Instagram pro? Have a ton of followers that like your trendy posts every day? Try out Instaprints. This company pays you to make Instagram-like photos to share privately and with others.

Not everyone is as Insta-savvy as you, and they need photos to build their brand. Give this company a try and watch your PayPal balance grow by leaps and bounds.

There are oodles of ways to share your love for photography with others and get your name on the map. The best part is you’ll get paid to do it! Stacking multiple gigs can open up the income stream even more. Now is the time to get out there and start sharing the beauty you see with others. The world could use a little sunshine.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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