This Abandoned Puppy Chose His Own Home

According to the ASPCA, about 23% of dogs and 31% of cats are strays adopted from shelters. About 710,000 animals who enter shelters each year are returned to their homes. Yet, 1.5 million animals are euthanized each year. These are the strays not adopted by new owners or claimed by former owners who lost them. 

While no-kill shelters do their best to find placement for each animal, too many shelters still euthanize unclaimed animals. The statistics may be heartbreaking, but this story about a stray pup choosing his own home is anything but. 

Prepare yourself for the sweetest thing you might see today. Watch as this adorable abandoned puppy chooses his next home. Enjoy this heartwarming transformation from a scrappy stray to a much-loved pet. You’ll want to share this with your friends with all the heart-eye emojis. Just be sure to grab some tissues!

I’m not crying — you are! Just remember: this pup isn’t the only sweet face out there just waiting to find his forever home. There are many potential pets just waiting to be adopted at your local shelter. Who knows? You may just find a forever friend.