This Dog Was Scared For Her Life- How Will She React To Her New Foster Home?

Dog Foster Home

This shelter dog was utterly terrified of people. She wouldn’t even let the staff members of the shelter go anywhere near her because she didn’t think that human touch could ever be safe. When this foster dad met the sweet pup, she would hide and cower away from him. Watch him provide a home to the scared foster animal.

How will this gentle canine react to experiencing genuine love from a human owner? Watch this video to see all the little milestones she achieved under the care of her foster dad.

Dog Fostering

Out of the 6.5 million animals that end up in shelters, about half of those potential pets get adopted. This statistic shows the necessity of foster homes entering the picture. Fostering bridges the gap between shelter life and a forever home so that more animals have a shot at being loved.

People who choose to foster dogs typically have a pack of pups already waiting at home. They introduce new dogs into this pack who experienced severe trauma or abuse to rehabilitate them for domestic life. Once their latest addition can heal and learn to enjoy life again, they’re ready to put their foster pup up for adoption in a safe, nurturing home.

A New Life

From her first time walking on a leash to her first car ride, this once shelter-bound dog is finding a new sense of joy in life. She now enjoys cuddles and adventurous hikes through the woods- things she would never have been able to experience without being fostered! Her newfound happiness is absolutely contagious to any soul she comes across. 

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