4 Personal Development Lies You’ve Been Told All Your Life… ‘Til Now

4 Personal Development Lies You've Been Told All Your Life... 'Til Now

People seek out personal development because they want to better themselves, improve their view of the world and feel more at peace with life. Unfortunately, some of the most popular personal development “truths” you’ve been told are lies. Here are four of the most common ones that could be affecting your happiness.

Success = Happiness

The outward appearance of a successful life — a good career, lots of money and an impressive home — might look enticing, but it doesn’t promise happiness. Success means something different to everyone.

Rather than trying to appeal to a broad definition of success, consider what makes you happy and how you can incorporate that into your life more often. Make a list of different activities or pursuits you’ve been interested in for some time, such as developing a new skill, traveling somewhere new or spending time with family, and then try them out.

Health is All About What the Scale Says

There’s more to a healthy lifestyle than having a model-sized body. Incorporating exercise into your life and maintaining a healthy diet should be about gaining strength, having energy and feeling good. You might find you enjoy some activities, such as playing volleyball, going swimming or trying out a new dance craze. They may offer you more tangible goals, which can help you feel a sense of purpose — one that’s more important than weighing a certain number.

Knowledge is Power

You can benefit from learning no matter how old you are, but keep in mind that knowledge is more than what you read or hear in a lecture. Make sure you incorporate what you learn when the lessons apply. Gathering knowledge is important, but making good use of it can help you put your best foot forward when it really counts.

People Really Do Have Selective Hearing

There will always be people who would rather believe a beautiful lie than the ugly truth, but remaining authentic to who you are is worth more than bowing to pressure. While a white lie, such as telling someone they look good when they don’t, might be acceptable, there’s no reason you should feel forced to lie about your feelings, thoughts or beliefs if doing so makes you feel uncomfortable. Life can be difficult enough without feeling like you need to hide what you believe for the comfort of someone else.

As you continue to grow and build upon who you really are, let go of some of the old ideas you’ve been floating around in the personal development arena. Growing involves learning about yourself and doing what feels right for you, not following everyone else down some predesigned path. It’s time to forget the lies you’ve been taught and forge your own way.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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