You Don’t Need a Reason to Help People

Homelessness is a sad but true life in this world. It could happen to anyone, possibly due to job loss like this 37-year-old. WRAL Reporter Rick Armstrong spoke about how it took just one person to reach out and help get this man back on his feet. He was once an IT support tech but after losing his job, he had to live under a bridge in his car. An onlooker saw him and told others, and together they helped him immerse back into the community. 

For homeless people, they may live by food handouts and quiet, hidden places to sleep. One of the ways homeless persons are getting help is through different types of housing. It could be transitional housing, emergency shelter, drop-in center, or permanent housing. Housing gives these persons the ability to seek out jobs/training and help to integrate them back into society. That one small gesture from a passerby gave this man that extra step he needed. 

Homelessness can happen to anyone. As humans, we can’t ignore the suffering of others. It is a great time to change the world.