Feeling Lost? Maybe You’re on the Right Track

Feeling Lost? Maybe You're on the Right Track

Feeling lost in life can seem overwhelming. You’re not sure how you’ll make it through this difficult time and perhaps even wonder where your life went amiss. However, being lost can sometimes mean your life is actually on the right track. Perhaps this is simply a curve in the path you didn’t anticipate, but which will lead you somewhere great.

Recognize the Benefits of Feeling Lost

Although you may think of being lost as something horrible, scary, and unknown, it can help to understand that there is a benefit to having these emotions. Perhaps the feeling of being lost is a way of getting you to examine your life, and whether or not you’re truly happy. Most people don’t stop to think about their life’s path when everything is going smoothly — so here’s your chance. A bump in the road might be your friendly reminder to review where you’re at. And that process can lead to exciting revelations, new ideas, or new destinations.

Feeling Lost is Not a Reason to Find Fault

Be careful not to assume there is something deficient about you if you feel lost. Be kind to yourself and choose not to view this feeling as there being something wrong with you. That feeling of being lost in life does not mean you’re a failure as a human. Going through these periods is common. So during times when you feel lost, keep in mind that this has nothing to do with failure or even a misstep.

Accept the Process

As much as we’d like the feeling of being lost to only last a few days, sometimes it goes on much longer than that. It could be weeks, months, or even a year before we again feel on the right path and can get comfortable again.

While this might seem frustrating, getting through the feelings of being lost doesn’t need to have a time stamp on it.

Sometimes being hyperfocused on how you’re feeling can create a sense of urgency to further investigate your life and what path you’re on. But if it just inspires agitation, give yourself grace and time, knowing that time can let the feelings work themselves out.

No matter what journey you’re on in your life, feeling lost can end up being some of the best parts. It can lead you down a path that brings you closer to where you’re supposed to be. Sometimes feeling lost can give us the break we’re seeking, so we can emerge truthful to who we really are.