How to Get Free Help With Finances Right Now

How to Get Free Help With Finances Right Now

( – A sudden layoff or job loss? No money in savings? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Financial stress can be overwhelming to say the least. The good news is you can pull yourself out of a money rut with a little assistance and relief aid. If you need help with your finances right now, here’s how to get some free help.

Housing Help

If you suddenly find yourself without your usual income coming in or no money flow at all, you’re at risk for losing your home. Start by contacting your lender right away. A forbearance or moratorium may help defer or reduce payments so you can remain in your home longer.

With little to no income coming in, you could qualify for subsidized housing. These complexes may have a long waiting list, but some landlords also accept housing vouchers. If you rent, it’s important to ask your landlord if they accept Section 8 housing.

Some states offer emergency relief services that can help you pay off back rent or house payments to avoid foreclosure. Contact your local Department of Human Services for an application and eligibility requirements.

Food Resources

One thing we all have in common is that we have to eat, but even basic necessities can be out of reach when funds are short. Hunger is something no one should live with. Over 37 million people in the US struggle with not having enough to eat. The good news is there are countless resources for free food available if you need help.

For immediate assistance, you can get help from a local food bank or pantry. In addition, go to your local Department of Human Services in person or online and fill out an application for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.

Help With Utilities

Electric, gas and water are some of the core utilities we all have to pay for. But when you’re faced with an income loss, it’s easy to fall behind. There are assistance programs for people with little to no income.

Winter protection programs can help defer the bulk of your energy balance and break it into small, affordable chunks. Social service organizations may help with shut-off notices. Contact your local Department of Human Services and other organizations like the Salvation Army or area churches.

Financial Assistance

Life is hard when you’re broke, but exploring all resources to get money flowing again is important. Take time out and start applying for financial help that you may qualify for.

Here are some actions to take right now:

  • Apply for unemployment benefits if you’ve lost your job.
  • Seek SSDI or SSI if you’ve recently become disabled.
  • Check out grants through Modest Needs, which can help you cover living expenses during a financial crisis.

Try to avoid getting loans or extending lines of credit unless you know you’ll be able to pay them back quickly. One wrong move could cause your debt load to spiral, leading to further collection practices by creditors.

Not having enough money to meet your daily needs is a scary feeling. Sometimes, you need a little help to get back on your feet. There are countless resources available to help get you out of a temporary financial funk. That little push can make a world of difference.

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