Keeping Your Confidence High Through Times of Doubt

Keeping Your Confidence High Through Times of Doubt

Tough times and feelings of doubt can wreak havoc on your confidence. The catch-22 is that you need confidence to get through such times. Why? Before you can overcome anything, you must believe you can, and that takes confidence.

But how can you maintain your confidence when it seems like nothing is working out? You must learn to change your inner thoughts and build your confidence from within. Here’s how.

Pay Attention to Inner Thoughts

Chronically unhappy and unconfident people all have one thing in common: Their inner dialogue is negative and self-defeating. According to Psychology Today, inner thoughts, such as negative self-talk, assumptions, ruminations and disempowering beliefs, can wreak havoc on your confidence.

To endure times of doubt, you must believe that you can and will endure. Turn your negative inner thoughts into positive ones. Whenever your internal voice tells you that you can’t do it, change the narrative. Tell yourself you are powerful, capable, brave and worthy. The more you repeat the mantra and transform your inner thoughts to positive ones, the more confident you will be.

Stop Comparing and Competing With Others

One of the worst things you can do to destroy your confidence is to compare yourself unfairly to other people. Constantly competing with others has the same effect. When you compare yourself to everyone around you and fall short, your self-esteem takes a hit.

How do you measure your progress if you don’t compare yourself with others? Psychology Today recommends a process called temporal comparison. This is where you compare your current self to your past self or the self you wish to be in the future. By doing this, you can measure where you are in life in relation to your goals. You can also see how much you’ve accomplished, which could be a huge boost to your confidence.

Make a Goal-Oriented, Actionable Plan

A goal-oriented, actionable plan is crucial to maintaining confidence through times of doubt. You can liken it to a roadmap with stops along the way. Once you complete each task on your list, note your progress and mark it off. Completing tasks gives you a sense of accomplishment and direction that can boost your confidence.

So, what makes a good plan? Entrepreneur recommends putting your goals on paper and brainstorming about everything that needs to happen to make your goals come true. Brainstorming will reveal the steps you need to take. Next, come up with an actionable plan, or a series of sequential steps to follow. Focus on one step at a time. When you successfully complete one step, move to the next. And be sure to celebrate each time you cross something off your list.

You can be your own worst enemy during tough times. Don’t let it happen. Instead, focus on positive inner thoughts and build yourself up. Put your goals on paper and follow an actionable plan to work through the doubt. You’ll make it to the other side all the better for it.

~Here’s to Your Success

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